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Follow our step-by-step system to keeping happy, healthy honey bees.

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So you like the idea of keeping bees, but...

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I enjoyed watching the lessons and Laryssa was funny and sweet, you could tell she was truly genuine in teaching and wants to help you be successful too. I also enjoyed that in every chapter she would recommend a book, documentary or movie on beekeeping.


Your Bee class is amazing! I’m in the middle of the hive inspection section which is something I desperately needed. I’ve been able to go out and ID the queen, eggs, larva, and pupae! Just being able to do that will improve my keeping drastically.


"We loved the classes. We now have 5 hives and feel comfortable taking care of them."

Jim & Sandy

"The class made me feel comfortable and prepared to keep bees. I can't wait to purchase 2 nucs."


"I really enjoyed your class, it is very informative with relevant information. I like that you didn’t use “fancy or expensive” equipment."



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The Topics We'll Cover:

Bees & the Hive

• All about the worker bee
• Her majesty the queen
• The drone's sad story 
• Honey & Pollination
• All the products you can harvest from the hive

Equipment & Getting Started

• The Langstroth hive parts
• Pros & cons to the flow hive
• Safety gear
• How much money & time you'll spend 
• Finding a location

Checking Your Bees

• How to spot the queen every time
• Preventing getting stung & what to do when you are stung
• Identifying what's inside the hive
• Knowing the age & gender of a baby bee
• Installing bees
• Inspecting a hive
• Lighting a smoker

how to inspect a beehive

Pest Management

• The varroa mite and testing mite levels
• What to do when you have an infestation
• Natural pest management techniques
• Small hive beetle & other pests

Honey Harvesting

• How much honey to take
• Harvesting honey using an extractor
• Harvesting honey using kitchen utensils
• Preventing fermentation & our recommended extractors
• Bottling & Labeling

Advanced Beekeeping

• Preventing swarming
• Splitting hives to increase your apiary
• Troubleshooting guide for common problems
• Overwintering in cold & very cold climates
• Beekeeping in warm climates

Helping Bees Thrive

• Creating a pollinator friendly habitat
• Educating others about bees
• Top 10 beginner mistakes

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